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The default driver mode. Engineered for everyday driving, Tour Mode provides precise handling and a smooth ride. When equipped with AWD, Tour Mode creates a more natural feel, yet still pulls through corners.

In this spirited mode optimized for dry-road driving, steering response is firmer and more precise. Braking, throttle input and lateral acceleration are dynamic, allowing CT5 to automatically shift while holding a lower gear longer than in Tour Mode. When equipped with AWD, Sport Mode creates more agility with more turning capability and more natural feel.

This mode optimizes performance and traction over slippery roads, helping prevent wheelslip and offering more control at the wheel. By adjusting the throttle map, the system slows acceleration and optimizes traction while moving or stopped. When equipped with AWD, Snow/Ice Mode creates a vehicle that biases toward understeer and minimizes oversteer or “fishtailing.”

In this mode, the driver can set their own preferences for steering, engine sound characteristics and brake-pedal feel.