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When Cadillac designers were tasked with creating special edition vehicles that honor 20 years of V-Series, Lead Creative Designer Dillon Blanski knew “we had to put a stake in the ground as a bold American brand—and performance brand.” The team looked back at where we started in 2004, where we are now and what’s down the road. 


One thing remained constant: Cadillac’s iconic Mondrian pattern, an abstraction of the famous paintings that has become a symbol for the performance brand. Thus, the 2024 CT4-V Blackwing Mondrian Editions were born. They celebrate the 20-year evolution of V-Series through three special iterations: Arrival, Impact and Elevation. 


Blanski notes the exterior colours of each edition tie back to the production vehicles and race cars of their respective generations, while the Mondrian pattern itself—abstract squares and bold colours—is expressed through coordinated bodyside graphics and interior stitching. But you’ll notice slight variations in the Mondrian itself. Why? 


The Arrival Edition incorporates the Mondrian in its original, full-colour form for a powerful look rooted in the heritage of the first generation of V-Series, from 2004–2008. Move on to the Impact Edition, and the Mondrian becomes more abstract, with squares scattering to represent the momentum V-Series gained throughout its second generation, from 2009–2015.


Finally, in the Elevation Edition, the Mondrian stretches farther and assumes a more monochrome appearance, nodding to the speed and evolution of the brand across the past decade. As a final homage, only 66 of each edition will be made—honouring the 66 Cadillac Racing wins from 2004–2022.