How to Adjust Your Head-Up Display


Difficulty Level: Novice  |  Time Required: Five minutes  |  Tools Required: None | Related Parts, Products, Service or Technology: None  

Available Head-Up Display (HUD), if equipped, projects information and key warnings onto your windshield. Here’s how to adjust it.


Note: The information projected varies by model — see your Owner’s Manual for more information.


1. Set your seat to the ideal driving position and sit up straight.

2. Adjust the display. The controls are on the instrument panel, to the left or right of the steering wheel, depending on your model.

  • Height: Use the up/down arrows to adjust. It should be as low in your field of vision as possible. The display cannot be adjusted side to side
  • Info: Press to select from available displays such as Speed View, Audio/Phone View, Navigation View and Performance View
  • Brightness: Use the +/- buttons to adjust
  • Image Rotation: In some vehicles, the Head-Up Display may appear slanted with one side higher than the other. To adjust this, you can use the menu in the instrument cluster to rotate the image until it appears straight. Check your Owner’s Manual to locate this feature (you can’t make this adjustment using the dashboard switches)


1. Some vehicles have a HUD that projects onto a small screen in front of the windshield.

2. The physical HUD controls for these HUDs are located on the dash to the left or right of the steering wheel. You may see a digital HUD icon on the Control Panel screen to the left of your steering wheel, depending on your vehicle. 

3. You have to turn this kind of HUD on the first time you start the vehicle. When the HUD is off, press or lift any of the switches in the HUD controls to turn it on. Once the HUD starts to open, release the switch and the HUD will finish opening automatically. 

4. The HUD controls on these vehicles are slightly different:

  • HUD up/down arrows: Push the switch down or up to raise or lower the display image once the HUD is turned on and the screen is up 
    • The HUD screen will remember the last position it was left in when you turn the vehicle OFF. It will open to that position when you turn the vehicle back ON
  • Info: When the HUD is on: Press down on this switch to cycle through and choose from available page views. You can also lift and hold the Info switch up to turn the display off
    • Once the HUD starts to close, release the switch. The HUD will then finish closing automatically
  • Dim (+/-) brightness: Increases and decreases the image brightness when the HUD is on


  • Keep the windshield and Head-Up Display lens (located on top of the dashboard) clean for best results. Use a soft cloth on the lens — it’s fragile
  • To maximize forward visibility, set the Head-Up Display as low as possible in the field of vision and set brightness to a low level


Can I turn the Head-Up Display off?

Yes. To turn off HUDs projected onto the windshield, turn the brightness all the way down. 

To turn off HUDs projected onto a small screen in front of the windshield, lift the Info switch on the HUD controls.

You can also turn the HUD off in the Settings menu of your infotainment system, depending on your vehicle’s equipment.

To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your Owner’s Manual for more information about features.



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