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About Rear Pedestrian Alert

Rear Pedestrian Alert can help alert you to detected pedestrians directly behind your vehicle so you can quickly take action. The system works when you’re in REVERSE during the daytime. It has limited nighttime and low visibility performance.

How It Works

The Rear Pedestrian Alert feature uses the Rear Vision Camera to monitor the area behind the vehicle for pedestrians.

What Happens When the Feature Detects a Pedestrian

When a nearby pedestrian is detected to the rear of your vehicle, you’ll receive the following alerts:

  • A flashing amber PEDESTRIAN icon will appear in the Rear Vision Camera screen. The icon looks like a person inside a caution triangle
Rear Pedestrian Alert
  • A short series of repeating low-pitched beeps will sound from the rear speakers or, if equipped, two Safety Alert Seat vibrations will be issued from both sides of the driver’s seat (depending on your Alert Type menu option)

What Happens When a Pedestrian is Very Close

If the pedestrian is very close to the rear of your vehicle:

  • A flashing red PEDESTRIAN icon will appear in the Rear Vision Camera screen
Rear Pedestrian Alert
  • A longer series of repeating low-pitched beeps will sound from the rear speakers or, if equipped, seven Safety Alert Seat vibrations will be issued from both sides of the driver’s seat (depending on your Alert Type menu option)

Things to Remember When Using Rear Pedestrian Alert

  • You should always look all around the vehicle and check your Rear Vision Camera display before backing up
  • Rear Pedestrian Alert does NOT automatically brake your vehicle. It is an alert system only. Always be ready to quickly take action to prevent collisions
  • Rear Pedestrian Alert may not detect all pedestrians in all situations. Examples of its limitations include:
    • Rear Pedestrian Alert may not detect children
    • When the pedestrian is not directly behind your vehicle, is not fully visible, is not standing upright or is part of a group
    • Poor visibility conditions, including nighttime, fog, rain or snow, or if the Rear Vision Camera is blocked by dirt, snow or ice. Keep the Rear Vision Camera lens clean
    • Carefully read your Owner’s Manual for system limitations. Check the “Driver Assistance Systems” section of the Owner’s Manual for a diagram that shows the location of the feature’s camera and how to clean it
  • You can turn Rear Pedestrian Alert off through the Settings menu on your vehicle’s infotainment system
Safety or driver assistance features are no substitute for the driver’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. The driver should remain attentive to traffic, surroundings and road conditions at all times. Visibility, weather and road conditions may affect feature performance. Read the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for more important feature limitations and information.



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There are several factors that may affect your Bluetooth call performance. A problem may be caused by your phone’s or vehicle touchscreen’s software. Be sure you have the latest software version for your phone. If you’ve updated your phone and are still experiencing Bluetooth calling concerns, try deleting your phone’s pairing and then pairing it again.


Select the phone or vehicle you’d like to connect. In most vehicles, you can only have one active Bluetooth connection at a time when your vehicle is on. Check your phone’s and vehicle’s “Paired Bluetooth Devices” lists to see which phone is active. The system defaults to the last paired device used in your vehicle. If that device isn’t active, it goes down the list of paired devices until it finds one that is active.


Communicate with one of our specialists.

To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your Owner’s Manual for more information about features. 

  • ATS Coupe 2015-2019
  • ATS-V Coupe 2016-2019
  • ATS Sedan 2013-2018
  • ATS-V Sedan 2016-2018
  • CT4 2020-2021
  • CT5 and CT5-V 2020-2021
  • CT6 2016-2020
  • CT6-V 2019-2020
  • CTS Coupe 2011-2019
  • CTS-V Coupe 2011-2019
  • CTS Sedan 2014-2019
  • CTS-V Coupe 2016-2019
  • CTS Sport Wagon 2010-2013
  • CTS-V Sport Wagon 2011-2014
  • ELR 2014, 2016
  • Escalade and Escalade ESV 2015-2021
  • SRX 2010-2016
  • XT4 2019-2021
  • XT5 2017-2021
  • XT6 2020-2021
  • XTS 2013-2019

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