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The Escalade OLED Infotainment System is your digital command centre, letting you control your music, navigation and many other features. The system has a unique three-screen design that you can interact with by touch, using the Rotary Controller on your console or using voice control. 


The system features three displays that work together to give you control of your infotainment features and vehicle information. Familiarize yourself with these three screens in order to understand the system’s basic operation:

  • Control Panel: This touchscreen displays your trip information, lets you select the Cluster Display layout, and control the available Head-Up Display and available Night Vision system 
  • Cluster Display (also called the Driver Information Centre): This (non-touch) screen shows your speed, fuel level and other important information. Choose from four displays: Reconfigurable Gauge View, Map, Augmented Reality and available Night Vision
  • Infotainment Screen: This touchscreen controls your navigation, music and many other vehicle functions. Control the screen by touch or with the Rotary Controller. Swipe left and right to see more pages

    • App Tray: The App Tray is on the left side of the screen. This area provides shortcuts to commonly used features
    • Status Pane: In the bottom right corner of the screen, the Status Pane screen displays the time, exterior temperature, rear climate settings, indicators and more. Tap the time to set the clock
    • Rotary Controller: You can control the infotainment system using the Rotary Controller on the console. Use the centre dial to move between menus and apps on the screen (rotate the dial left/right or jog right/left/up/down like a joystick), press the dial to select an item, or use the shortcut buttons surrounding the dial


Setting up a Personal Profile lets you customize your settings, including Favourites, downloaded apps and more. You can link your profile with your key fob, so your vehicle is ready for you on every drive. To get started, tap the USERS icon on the Home screen and follow the directions on the screen (use the same email address you use for your GM Account).


You can pair your compatible phone to the system via Bluetooth® by tapping the PHONE icon on the Home screen of the infotainment system and selecting “+Connect Phone.” You can also use voice control to begin pairing.  


Learn more about Bluetooth phone pairing.


There are many ways to customize the Infotainment Screen to suit your needs and preferences.


App Tray selections: Press and hold an app icon, then drag and drop it into the App Tray for easy access to your most commonly used apps. The Home icon will always be there, and you can customize up to four other apps


  • Widgets in Home view: Swipe all the way to the left on the Home screen to reach Home view; or use the Home shortcut button next to the Rotary Controller. Here, you can press and hold a widget on the screen to remove or replace it; or press + to add a new one
  • App Order on Home screen: On any Home screen (except when in widget view), press and hold, then drag and drop an app icon into a new spot to customize the order. To move it to a new page, first drag it to the dashes at the bottom of the screen
  • Settings: Many additional customization options are found in the vehicle’s Settings menu under “Display”


The Cluster Display is fully customizable with multiple view options. Depending on how your vehicle is equipped, you can select your view type using the Control Panel left of the steering wheel: 
  • Gauge view: When you select Gauge view, you can customize the content in the left and right zones of the cluster

    • Left zone (Vehicle Information): Choose content to display from the Infotainment Screen by selecting “Show in Cluster” from the Vehicle Information app (e.g., time and date, oil life, tire pressure, etc.)
    • Right zone: Choose content to display using the right-hand steering wheel controls (e.g., audio, phone, navigation, notifications, etc.); or by selecting items to view on the Infotainment Screen
  • Map view: When you select this view, you will see a map (with or without route guidance) in the cluster
  • AR Camera view (Augmented Reality): When you select this option, you will see a view of the road ahead in your cluster. When you have a route in progress, guidance arrows including upcoming manoeuvres are overlaid on top of the camera image
  • Night Vision view: When you select this view, your cluster will display a thermal heat image of the area beyond your headlamps and alert you to detected pedestrians or large animals directly ahead of you



How do I return to the Home screen?

You can select the HOME icon in the App Tray on the left side of the Infotainment Screen at any time to return to the Home screen. Or you can press the HOME button on the Rotary Control unit.

How do I store something as a Favourite?

Throughout the different apps and menus of the system, you will see a STAR icon appear when you have the option of storing a Favourite. Select the icon to save it. Then, you can find your stored Favourites within each specific app (e.g., radio station presets are found in the AUDIO app). You can also personalize some of your vehicle settings, like your radio presets or in-vehicle app selections, through the myCadillac mobile app. Your selections will sync to the system on your next ignition cycle if you have a data connection.

Learn more about the myCadillac Mobile App.

How do I turn the audio off completely?

To turn the audio off completely, press and hold the Volume Knob on the Rotary Controller.

How do I mute the audio volume?

Quickly press the Volume Knob on the Rotary Controller to mute or unmute the audio. You can also mute the audio using the button on the right side of the steering wheel.



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To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your Owner’s Manual for more information about features.

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