The Cadillac Escala large luxury sedan concept car.


The Cadillac Escala – from the Spanish word for “scale” – is a reflection of our design evolution. Immediately apparent are the sculpted exterior lines on its large frame, giving it the appearance of gliding down the road. Inside, it features a “dual-personality” interior – transitioning from an aluminum-accented front cockpit to a wood-accented rear. A stunning combination of tech-centric innovation and handcrafted elegance, it is at once a symbol of arrival.

Video of the Cadillac Escala sedan.

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Video of the Cadillac Escala Pebble Beach reveal.

Experience the “first look” of the Cadillac Escala at its Pebble Beach reveal.



    Like all modern Cadillac models, the Escala’s interior is assembled with hand cut-and-sewn techniques. But it also offers several unique new touches that display its grandeur, like an innovative one-piece interior trim, a nearly translucent headliner and opulent rear seating.


    The many technology features inside the Escala are a perfect complement to the handcrafted interior. Inside you’ll find an OLED touch screen spanning the front console, a central module control that responds to your voice, touch and gestures, and a rear seat connectivity system.

Video of Andrew Smith, executive director of Cadillac Global Design, revealing the Cadillac Escala.

Discover the creation process of the Cadillac Escala from Andrew Smith, Executive Director of Cadillac Global Design.



    In addition to the technology and craftsmanship, the Escala offers a robust performance system featuring a powerful 4.0L V8 engine and a new RWD-centric mixed-material construction which makes it as powerful as it is beautiful.